The Characteristics of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is not as simple as stress or depression. If not treated properly, the symptoms may worsen and lead to dangerous complications. Therefore, the thing you can do to overcome this is by consulting at to get the right treatment immediately. Apart from that, here are some of the differences in the natural emotional turmoil and which are the bipolar traits!

Episode mania
In the phase of mania that can last for several hours, days, or weeks, bipolar patients usually exhibit extreme and uncontrollable behavior. In some cases, the sufferer cannot undergo daily activities such as school and work, until they have to be hospitalized.

Episodes of depression
The opposite of mania is depression. The sufferer will show unnatural sadness or despair. A bipolar feature in depressive episodes is to withdraw from the environment and the nearest person, lose interest in previously enjoyed activities, drastic energy and energy loss, usually the patient cannot leave the bed for hours or days, speaks very slowly, sometimes like a person who is rambling, or memory impairment, concentration, and reason.

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