How to Create Expected Experience of Ayahuasca Retreat

When it comes to ayahuasca whether you choose to enroll online on or by coming to the location of that retreat, you must know this. In general, there are no two individuals or ayahuasca participants will get the same experience. On the other words, each individual creates his own success and experience during the ceremony. If you want to ensure everything will run as well as you expect, keep these things in mind.

– Respect

You need to know that ayahuasca is a powerful entheogen. You must approach it with an attitude of respect, reverence, and humility. Ensure you have a commitment to keep away from anything that you may not do and may not take as long as you run the ayahuasca retreat.

– Set intentions

Yes, you should do this in order to define what you want to resolve through the experience of your retreat. Try to answer the questions that you have and then use those answers to create the most relevant intention to you.

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