The Danger of Sweating Palms!

Some diseases are quite common but do not rule out that you have a malignant disease that is difficult to cure if you are late to detect the disease. Here is a list of diseases that may occur if you experience excessive sweating!

1. Hyperthyroidism
Conditions if your body has too much thyroid hormone, the hormone that serves as a controller of human body metabolism. One of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is excessive secretion of sweat. Well if you feel that you have excessive sweating, and it means you have chances to suffered hiperidrose and it would be nice if you immediately check your situation to the doctor in order to get treatment quickly.

2. Low blood sugar
Blood sugar is one source of energy that humans need, if blood sugar levels are low, your body is forced to work harder without enough energy support causing you to sweat.

3. High fever
When fever, human body temperature tends to rise, but the body will sweat to lower the temperature. Therefore many people say when you sweat when you are sick, it’s a sign you start to show symptoms healed.

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