How to gain the benefits of a used computer

You may not have dozens of used computers that you store in the warehouse, but you will be able to earn more money in some other way you can do such as contact all family members, relatives and friends and ask them to bring a คอมมือสองราคาถูก computer, tablets, phones, or their used devices that are not used anymore. After collecting computers and other used electronics, you can make money with one of the two options below.

Fix and resell

Often, computers that do not work anymore just require the replacement of some components that are very simple and cheap or may just need to be cleaned only. A few years ago, when our personal computer started to get very slow, we immediately dumped it and replaced it with a new one. Then when the new one starts slow, we try to take it to the computer repair shop.

The workshop has a shop full of second-hand computers that are gleaned from people who do not use them anymore. They repair or clean the computers and then resell them on display on their store shelves at a low price.

If you know a bit about your computer you can do the same. This can be a good source of income for you. Work with your friends or family to collect used computers and then clean and repair or if your computer can not work anymore there are some parts or components that can still be used, combine parts or components from several different used computers to get 1 computer that can work normally. After that the computer that has managed to run normally resell online through several websites that provide forums to buy and sell.

Sell ​​Components Parts of Used Computers Separately

Many people also save their money by repairing their own used computers by searching for some parts of used computer components that they can buy to replace the damaged parts of their computer. If you can collect used computers from multiple sources, you will have a large supply of computer components. You can then sell it by advertising the parts on the buying and selling websites. Many people who need it search on the website that they use to fix their computer or build a new computer for resale to others.

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