Modern Maximalist Will Be Interior Design Trends 2018!

Modern minimalist interior design? Well, that’s the trend of interior design 2017 ago. Years change, also replace interior design trends. If 2017, minimalist trend so that the trend in 2018 is actually the opposite. Modern maximalist or modern maximal will be a trend in the year 2018.

The design of the room becomes more colorful and different from the previous year. Examples include the use of different carpet materials, wearing bright colors, and bold patterns. So there is ability so the room looks more crowded. With the trend of applying carpet in 2018 means, you should also pay attention to cleanliness by routinely washing it in a professional carpet wash like you can find at

All this is not only applied to cushions and accessories, but also on large furniture. In addition, there are bold accents applications such as wallpaper and carpet at the same time.

Hmm, replace year means to replace the interior design. If your house was previously minimalist design, it would not hurt to change the atmosphere to a maximum. Dare to try or not?

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