The strict rules about the UK visa from the government

The UK government has summarized the latest visa rules below. These things need to be considered for the smoothness of visa applicants to obtain their respective visas. Meanwhile, you might also have to take the B1 cefr test as well, so you won’t encounter any problem in taking your visa.

1. Applicants for a visa from outside the EU must have English proficiency in accordance with GCSE standards (where according to the former rules only need to master basic level English). The majority of universities will not accept prospective students with an IELTS score below 6.0.

2. Students taking undergraduate courses are only allowed to work for 10 hours per week (where prior regulations allow 20 hours per week).

3. Those who take courses under 6 months are not allowed to carry dependents, and dependents of undergraduate students are not allowed to work.

4. Visas for undergraduate programs with work placement permits will only be granted if the institution renews its registration to the Highly Trusted Sponsors List.

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